Infant Massage Classes

This 5 week session allows parents to practice a new stroke each

week while learning about infant cues, bonding, relaxation for you and your baby, behavioural states, and much more. Ages: 0 to 12 months. PRIVATE CLASSES DONE OVER ZOOM

Start Date: Can be done over Zoom for private classes. Contact me to set up 

Infant Massage has been practiced throughout history as a way for parents to interact with their baby, relief symptoms of teething and colic, improve sleep and digestion, stimulate the neurons path between brain and nervous systems, increase muscle tone and flexibility and relax both baby and parent. On top of these benefits there are so many more!


This course is for new parents or parents interested in learning a new skill! 

Yoga with You

Come join me and Miguel for a 30 minute yoga session! We will teach various yoga poses, breathing techniques, games and books related to yoga. A 5 week session- once a week. 

Ages: 3-5  

Start Date: ZOOM CLASSES AS WELL AS VIDEOS COMING SOON! Contact me to set up 

Yoga has so many benefits not just for adults but for children too. I started doing yoga as a home practice and Miguel would join in with me. He wouldn't always stay in one place but I was still able to practice. For children and adults the benefits are flexibility, balance improved, focus, learning how to use breathing as a way to relax and control big emotions, meet other parents and children. 

This course is for parents and preschoolers interested in learning yoga and spending time together. 

Each class we will learn new poses while practicing previous class poses via songs and games. 

Classes for older children coming soon!

Weekend sessions coming soon! 


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Videos will be posted on various yoga sequences you can do with or without children