Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

Book the time and day you need in advance- etransfer once the booking is confirmed and drop off your children! See the contact page on how to contact me. Ages 2 months to 12 years. For classes etransfer must be made prior to start date.

How much is it?

For 1 child: $13.00 per hour For 2 children: $20.00 per hour For 3 children: $26.00 per hour It's an additional $6.00 per child

What are the cancellations policy?

Life happens but please note I book time aside for my own children's appointments etc so if a booking is confirmed and I am only taking one family at a time I want to stress the more notice you give to cancel the better! 24 Hours Notice to 2 hours prior of booking is prefered

What about sickness/illness?

If any of our children have the following symptoms: Vomiting/Diarrhea constructively twice in a row -symptom free 24 hours Fever- symptom free 24 hours Greenish, thick mucus out of nose Eye leakage with red and or pink puffy eyes Letharic Deep and sore cough Unexplained rash with scabs that are itcy Then I will notify you asap to cancel where a full refund will be given. If your child has the same please contact me immediately! If your child is in my care and these symptoms appear I will notify you immediately and you will have to pick up your child within the 30 minutes of the phone call (includes voice message and or text message). I will only charge you for the time of drop off and pick up within the 30 minutes but if you pick them up pass the 30 minutes then I will keep the full payment. During this time of the pandemic it is incredibly important that we both communicate if the symptoms of runny nose, coughing and sore throat happens. Please call 811 if there are any concerns. Flexibility is the key for the moment!

What do I need to bring?

Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snack food (my children don't have allergies), water bottle and or a toy/stuffed animal if necessary

What will you do while my child(ren) are there?

My son loves playing with others so I am sure he will entertain your children. But I do have arts and crafts, sensory play and when the weather permits we can play in the backyard. If there's something in particular your child likes or dislikes doing please let me know. Drawing, painting, games, dress up, with the nice weather outside play :)

Is there a late fee?

I prefer to not have a late fee but my years in child care has taught me to have one! Prior to pick up I will inform you if your child needs to be picked up by a certain time due to our own appointments etc. I ask for communication if something happens and you can't be on time. If your child stays longer than you will be charged for that time. For example: Orignial pick up was 3pm but you have to come at 3:30 so you'll be charged an additional $6.50 If we do have to leave the house by a certain time and you are not there for pick up then you will be charged $1 of every minute late. For example: I ask you to pick up by 2:30 and you arrive 2:45 then you will be charged $15 for the extra time. This is for when I inform you of a certain time you need to be home at.

Is there anything to fill out?

I do have a form for parents to fill out regarding pictures taken, allergies, safety etc. This can be done prior to drop off or through text message as an agreement of your expecations and my expectations. For example via text message: Great your child is confirmed for Wednesday from 3-6 so that's $39. Does your child have any allergies? Is your child ok with being dropped off? Would you like a meet and greet prior? Any activities your child prefers? Anything you don't want your child to do? Are you ok if I take pictures and use on my social media? Anything I need to know- behavioural? Depending on age potty training etc.

What's your contact information?

My phone number is 780-972-0003 Address: Rocky Ridge PT NW (full address provided in confirmation of booking) Email: jessica.tucker133@gmail.com and jessicatucker@dropoffshoprelax.com