3 Goals A Day: One way to help motivate yourself during this Pandemic

This is an unusual time for us all. Each story is different. Each experience is different and yet we are all going through the same situation. As we are finishing the month of May now I am still in shock to how life has changed.

I know for myself I was all into it and doing preschool classes for my children, cleaning every day, if not every weekend, exercising and eating right... Then I became sad, I missed my friends, I missed how things were and I missed for my children and what they were missing. I'm not alone in this- again we each have a story. So I stopped doing everything that I was doing. I lost my steam and a cycle of sadness, disappointment and hopelessness occurred. This lasted for about a couple of weeks until I wrote out 3 goals for the next day.

3 goals that I have to focus and accomplish each day. These goals range from exercising, working on a blog post, an activity with my children, reading a chapter from a book, phoning a family member or friend- whatever it is, it has helped me stay focus, stay in the present and has helped me immensely.

For example for today, this Sunday after doing 3 hours of gardening I felt like relaxing but I know that yesterday I wrote out my 3 goals: 1. Finish and email a blog post 2. Complete a blog post for the website 3. Organize clothes ( I have not hung up my clothes for several days now...) and then I wrote optional things to do today too like trim the kids nails, ensure my Zoom is working for tomorrow (teaching a yoga class) and do an arm workout.

The first 3 goals keep me in check and show me how my day is going. If I wasn't able to accomplish them I can ask myself why not? Too busy a day with the kids? Something came up? How was I feeling? Were the goals more time consuming than I thought? And I do ask myself these questions because for me I like to relax and I also like to working towards something- bigger goals I have. And with this pandemic so much for everyone went on hold- and I found that was the hardest thing- my goals, my dreams went on hold. So my 3 goals are my life lines right now. They have kept me on track and have kept me going.

What do you do for yourself during this time? Make sure to do something for yourself during this time. Stay safe

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