Deadlines and Appointments: Accountability and Goal Setting

Last week I received bad news that I lost my job for September- it could be because of funding or Covid or both. Needless to say I was really disappointed and found it hard to motivate myself to write or do anything to be honest. I was able to accomplish the yoga video and the blog but I felt my heart wasn't in it, which brings me to today.

I posted the new weekly yoga video earlier and I enjoyed that because it was time with my son and I felt like I was back on track of posting yoga videos on Tuesdays and then it came to the blog. Now I know I'm procrastinating... why? I love writing and I actually have been looking at possible free lance writing. Time? Possibly- perhaps the Sundays I gave myself a deadline to do them don't work, with my hubby home and my children having no activities perhaps Sundayfamily time.

Which brings me to this blog- it's Tuesday and with school coming to an end and me having less responsibility for Zoom sessions and planning maybe this is when I need to be honest about my time and what I want to do with it. Is anyone else finding their time more valuable and taking a look at what really brings you joy? Happiness?

Obviously there's a difference between work deadlines and appointments as it's a necessity but there's also an importance of your dreams becoming goals becoming reality and it's with that in mind I sat down and wrote today. Yes I was putting it off as my heart and mind is/was feeling a bit overwhelmed, uncertain, and disappointed. But I have a choice- continue with my dreams, by looking at the goals of achieving them and do them.

So with that in mind Tuesdays are Yoga video day and Blog day. I write this to hold myself accountable. I was actually going to write about self-regulation for children but decided that I needed to be accountable to my goals.

Deadlines and appointments keep me focus on the outcomes I want. They help me get serious about what I want and they hold me accountable. I recognize this might not be my best blog and that's ok. I have my days of being amazing and days of it's best to hide in the closet. But I'm keeping with what I need to feel like I'm accomplishing something as everything I had worked on prior to COVID all came full stop. Like everyone else I'm finding my footing on a less than known land.

What deadlines and appointments do you struggle with? What keeps you motivated? How are you holding yourself accountable to your own deadlines and appointments? What appointments are you missing out on? Share your thoughts and let me know how I can assist you.

Drop Off Shop Relax is more than just a drop off babysitting service, it's having your back for reaching your needs and wants.

This picture was from last year when I was balancing two children and finding work. I joined an app PEANUT where you can meet other parents in your area and this notification popped up and it resonated with me and felt like it needed to be shared in this blog.

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