Finding My Voice

This is hopefully the beginning of blog posts to come. See below the cute pic on what you will find.

Isabel and i letting go (taken a long time ago)

This is my first blog post on this page but I have taken the last seven weeks as a time of reflection on what I want right now and that is to use this blog section on my website to share funny stories, videos, pictures, activities, what has worked for me and create more of a community. Being a parent is tough and beautiful, challenging and entertaining and chaotic and rewarding.

What I'm hoping to accomplish is writing a blog post once a week about something I feel like sharing. A dream of mine has always been to write blog posts or articles so why not begin now.

If you have any requests or suggestions please let me know. I love research!

NEXT WEEK THEME: Craft Ideas because I love crafts, therefore, so must my children.

#motherhod #writersdream

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